Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Black Stripe.
(Use small bar-glass.)
Take 1 wine-glass of Santa Cruz rum.
1 table-spoonful of molasses.

This drink can either be made in summer or winter; if in the former season, mix in one table-spoonful of water and cool with shaved ice ; if in the latter, fill up the tumbler with boiling water. Grate a little nutmeg on top.

Peach and Honey.
(Use small bar-glass.)
Take 1 table-spoonful of honey.
1 wine-glass of peach brandy.

Stir thoroughly with a spoon before serving.

Gin and Pine.
(Use wine-glass.)
Split a piece of the heart of a green pine log into
fine splints, about the size of a cedar lead-pencil, take
two ounces of the same and put into a quart decanter,
and fill the decanter with gin. Let the pine soak for two hours, and the gin will be ready to serve.

Gin and Tansy.
(Use wine-glass.)
Fill a quart decanter one-third full of tansy, and fill up the balance with gin. Serve to customers in a wine-glass.

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