Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide


We give the following group of English drinks for the benefit of the curious in such matters. Many of them are rather troublesome to prepare, and some of them, which we have tried, have not yielded the satisfaction expected or desired.

Claret Cup, a la Brunow.
(For a party of ten,)
Take 1 ½ bottle of Claret.
1/3 pint of Curacoa.
½ pint of sherry.
¼ pint of brandy.
1 wine-glass of raspberry ratafia (see Index).
1 ½ oranges in slices.
½ a lemon in slices.
1 bottle of Seltzer water.
1 ¼ bottle of soda-water.

Stir all these together with some sprigs of green
balm and borage, and a small piece of cucumber-rind ;
sweeten with capillaire or powdered sugar until it ferments ; let it stand one hour, strain and ice it well.
Serve in small glasses. This is a preparation highly esteemed in Russia.

Champagne Cup, a la Brunow.
This is prepared in the same manner as Claret Cup,
but substituting Champagne and noyeau, instead of
Claret and ratafia.

Balaklava Nectar.
(For a party of fifteen. Recipe by Soyer.)
Take 2 bottles of Claret.
1 bottle of Champagne.
2 bottles of soda-water.
2 table-spoonfuls of powdered sugar.
2 lemons.
½ a small cucumber.

Peel and shred fine the rind of half a lemon; add the sugar, the juice of both the lemons, and the cucumber
sliced thin, with the peel on. Toss it up several times, and add the Claret, Champagne, and soda-water. Stir well together and serve.

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