Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Crimean Cup, a la Marmora.
(For a party of fifteen. Recipe by Soyer.)
Take 1 pint of syrup of orgeat.
½ pint of Cognac brandy.
¼ pint of Maraschino.
¼ pint of Jamaica rum.
1 bottle of Champagne.
1 bottle of soda-water.
3 ounces of sugar.
2 lemons.

Peel the lemons very thin, and place the rind in a bowl with the sugar ; macerate well for a few minutes to extract the flavor of the lemon-peel; add the juice of the lemons and the soda-water, stirring well until the sugar is dissolved ; pour in the orgeat, and whisk well to whiten the composition. Then add the brandy, rum, and Maraschino, strain into a punch-bowl; and, just before serving, add the Champagne stirring well to render the cup creamy and mellow.

Crimean Cup, a la Wyndham.
(For a party of five.)
Take 1 bottle of Champagne.
2 bottles of soda-water.
1 large wine-glass of Maraschino.
½ large wine-glass of Cognac.
½ large wine-glass of Curacoa.
1 table-spoonful of crushed sugar.

Macerate the thinly peeled rind of half an orange with the sugar; add the Maraschino, Cognac, and Curacoa. Mix thoroughly and add the soda-water and Champagne. The addition of half a pound of pure ice is a great improvement.

Take 1 quart of strong ale.
1 pint of gin.
1 bottle of Sherry.
12 eggs.
12 large lumps of sugar.
1 stick of cinnamon.
1 nutmeg, grated.
1 lemon.

Whisk up the yolks of the eggs and add the ale and gin. Put the Sherry into a saucepan with the cinnamon,
nutmeg, sugar, and the rind of the lemon peeled very thin; when the wine boils, pour it upon the ale mixture and drink while hot.

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