Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Claret Cup.
Take 1 bottle of claret.
½ pint of cold water.
1 table-spoonful of powdered sugar.
1 tea-spoonful of powdered cinnamon, cloves
and allspice, mixed.
1 small lemon.

Mix the ingredients well together, adding the thin rind of the lemon. This is a nice summer beverage for evening parties.

Porter Cup.
Take 1 bottle of porter.
1 bottle of ale.
1 glass of brandy.
1 dessert-spoonful of syrup of ginger.
3 or 4 lumps of sugar.
½ nutmeg, grated.
1 tea-spoonful carbonate of soda.
1 cucumber.

Mix the porter and ale in a covered jug; add the brandy, syrup of ginger, and nutmeg; cover it and expose it to the cold for half an hour ; when served stir in the carbonate of soda, and the rind of the cucumber.

Claret Cup, a la Lord Saltoun.
Take 1 bottle of claret.
1 bottle of soda-water.
1 glass of Sherry.
1 lemon.
1 sprig of verbena.

Peel off the rind of the lemon, and add some powdered
sugar. Pour upon them the Sherry and claret, and sweeten to taste. Add a sprig of verbena and the soda-water, with nutmeg if desired. Strain and ice it well.

Mulled Claret, a la Lord Saltoun.
This is prepared in the same manner as " Lord Saltoun's
Claret Cup," except that it is served hot.

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