Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

These preparations consist of ingredients used in the following recipes for making Prepared Punches, Cocktails, etc.

Plain Syrup,
Take 6 ½ pounds of loaf-sugar.
½ gallon of water.
The white of 1 egg.
Boil until dissolved, and filter through flannel.

Gum Syrup.
Take 14 pounds of loaf-sugar.
1 gallon of water.
Boil together for five minutes, and add water to
make up to 2 gallons.

Lemon Syrup.
Take 5 gallons of gum syrup.
4 ounces of tartaric acid.
1 ounce of oil of lemon.
1 pint of alcohol.
Cut the oil of lemon in the alcohol, add the tartaric
acid, and mix thoroughly with the syrup.

Essence of Lemon.
Take 1 ounce of oil of lemon.
1 quart of alcohol (95 per cent.).
½ pint of water.
1½ ounces of citric acid.
Grind the citric acid to a powder in a porcelain
mortar ; dissolve it in the water. Then cut the oil of
lemon in the alcohol, and add the acid water.

Essence of Cognac.
Take 1 ounce of oil of cognac.
½ gallon of spirits (95 per cent.).
1 gallon of spirits (70 per cent.).
2 ounces of strong ammonia.
1 pound of fine black tea.
2 pounds of prunes.

Dissolve the oil of cognac in the 95 per cent, spirits; cork it tightly in a bottle and let it stand three days, frequently shaking it, then add the ammonia. Mash the prunes (breaking the kernels) and put them with the tea and the 70 per cent, spirits into a stone jar of 3 gallons capacity ; cover closely, and let it stand for 8 days.

Filter the liquor, and add it to the solution of oil and ammonia. Bottle for use. This quantity is sufficent for flavoring 100 gallons of brandy.

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