Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Tincture of Allspice.
This is prepared in the same manner as tincture of
cinnamon, using ground allspice instead of cinnamon.

Tincture of Gentian,
This is made with ground gentian in the same manner
as for tincture of cloves.

Take 1 pint of clarified syrup.
1 wine-glass of Curacoa.
Shake well together and bottle. A tea-spoonful in
cold water makes a pleasant eau sucre.

Take 14 pounds of loaf-sugar.
2 quarts of water.
2 eggs.

Dissolve the sugar in the water, and let them simmer;
when milk-warm add the whites of the eggs well
beaten; simmer again and skim well When cold
flavor with orange-flower water, or bitter almonds,
whichever may be preferred.

Every liqueur made by infusion is thus called. When
the spirit has imbibed thoroughly the flavor and color
of the fruit steeped in it, the infusion is drawn off and
sugar added ; then filtered and bottled.

Aromatic Tincture.
Take 1 ounce of ginger.
1 ounce of cinnamon.
1 ounce of orange peel.
½ ounce of valerian.
2 quarts of alcohol.

Macerate the ingredients in the alcohol in a close vessel for fourteen days, then filter through filtering paper. This is sometimes employed to give a flavor to milk punch, but it must be used with precaution. Ten drops are sufficient for a pint of punch.

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