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A glass of punch, with all the et ceteras, is an excellent thing ; the main difficulty about it is that, outside of a well-appointed bar-room, the necessary ingredients are not usually found ready to hand at the moment when they are indispensable ; and, even under the most favorable circumstances, it is not every one that knows the precise proportions and happy blending of flavors that constitute a perfect glass of punch. The enlightenment of the present day is full of short-cuts to comfort, and all the impediments in the way of enjoying a social glass of punch, compounded according to the latest discoveries of the art, are obviated by having a bottle of the desired nectar in a concentrated essence form, ready brewed in exact proportions, and nothing needed but a moderate supply of hot or cold water, or ice, to adjust it to the correct strength and temperature, and a glass to receive the welcome libation.

The following recipes for concocting the latest and most improved varieties of punch are intended for bottling for ready use.

Directions for preparing such ingredients as are of a compound nature will be found in the preceding pages.

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