Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Essence of Roman Punch for Bottling.
Take 1 quart of boiling syrup.
1 quart of brandy.
1 quart of Jamaica rum.
21 eggs.
1 lemon.

Beat the eggs to a froth with the juice of the lemon;
stir in the liquors; filter through felt or close flannel,
and add the syrup. Bottle for use. A little of this syrup in a tumbler two-thirds full of shaved ice, and well shaken, makes a delicious beverage.

Essence of Kirschwasser Punch for Bottling.
Take 7 gallons of plain syrup.
1 ½ gallons of lemon juice.
5 gallons of Kirschwasser.

Mix them thoroughly and strain through Canton

Instead of the lemon juice ½ a pint of essence of lemon may be used, prepared according to receipt on page 117.

Essence of Brandy Punch for Bottling.
Take 5 gallons of strong brandy.
3 gallons of plain syrup.
½ pint tincture of lemon peel.
½ pint tincture of orange peel
3 ounces tincture of allspice.
½ wineglass tincture of cloves.
Mix the tinctures with the brandy, and add the syrup.

For directions for preparing the tinctures, see pages
119 and 120.

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