Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Essence of Bourbon Whiskey Punch.
Take 4 ½ gallons of Bourbon whiskey.
3 gallons of plain syrup.
½ pint tincture of lemon peel.
½ pint tincture of orange peel.
3 ounces tincture of allspice.
5 dessert-spoonfuls tincture of cloves.

Mix the tinctures thoroughly with the whiskey, and
then add the syrup.

For directions for preparing the tinctures see pages
119 and 120.

The essence of rum punch may be made by substituting
Jamaica or Santa Cruz rum for the whiskey.

*Essence of Rum Punch.
Take 53 lbs. of white loaf-sugar.
3 1/3 gallons of water.
5 gallons of Jamaica rum.
1 2/3 gallon of lemon juice.

Boil the sugar and the water almost to the candy
degree, add the lemon juice to the boiling syrup ; stir
till getting clear, then put in a clean tub, and when
near cool, add the rum, and filter.

Essence of St. Domingo Punch for Bottling.
Take 10 gallons of Arrack.
6 gallons of plain syrup.
2 ounces of tartaric acid.
5 drops of oil of cloves.
10 drops of oil of lemon.
5 drops of oil of orange.
6 drops of oil of cinnamon.
2 ounces of alcohol (95 per cent.).

First dissolve the tartaric acid in a portion of the
Arrack, and add it to the remainder. Next cut the oils
in the alcohol, add this to the Arrack, and lastly add the

Essence of Punch D'Orsay for Bottling.
Take 1 gallon of strong brandy.
1 quart of Batavia Arrack.
3 pounds of loaf-sugar.
1 ½ gallon of water.
6 lemons.
6 oranges.
*By observing the above proportions may be made any kind of punch essence, brandy, whiskey, arrack or kirchwasser.

Cut off the yellow rind of the oranges and lemons ;
macerate them for 21 hours in the brandy and Arrack ;
strain and press. Boil the sugar in the water, adding
the juice of the 6 oranges, and of 3 of the lemons ;
skim the syrup, and add it to the liquor. Lastly, filter
through Canton flannel.

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