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Abbott’s Bitters

After 3½ years of extensive research, Abbott's Bitters is just about ready to be revived. This is not a reverse engineered project, this is based on an old recipe I found that had an Abbott's name on it.

For the full history of my Abbott's research, check out this slidecast. I am taking pre-orders for bottles of Abbott's which should ship sometime in May or very early June. Pre-orders can be placed here for the Abbott's Kit (Abbott's, Acid Phosphate and Lactart plus a free ebook copy of Fix the Pumps) or you can just order a bottle of Abbott's.

Well done sir. What a fun journey!

Gregory Jenkins 22/04/2013

I would LOVE to pre-order a bottle, but when I try to select shipping to United States, it says no shipping options are available, and the place order button disappears.

Darcy 22/04/2013

I was just making an adjustment to the shipping setup, give it another try and it should work. If not, send me an email at dso(at)artofdrink.com

Keith 08/07/2013

Just received my two bottles of Abbot’s. thank you Darcy! I’ll be tring then in a nice canonical Manhattan tonight!

Gregory Jenkins 09/07/2013

Just received my two bottles.  Enjoying a manhattan as we speak.  Cheers!

Liz Lynch 11/07/2013

I just got my Abbott’s. Manhattans for cocktail hour tonight! Thank you again for resurrecting a bitters classic!

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