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Abbott’s Bitters

After 3½ years of extensive research, Abbott's Bitters is just about ready to be revived. This is not a reverse engineered project, this is based on an old recipe I found that had an Abbott's name on it.

For the full history of my Abbott's research, check out this slidecast. I am taking pre-orders for bottles of Abbott's which should ship sometime in May or very early June. Pre-orders can be placed here for the Abbott's Kit (Abbott's, Acid Phosphate and Lactart plus a free ebook copy of Fix the Pumps) or you can just order a bottle of Abbott's.

Well done sir. What a fun journey!

Gregory Jenkins22/04/2013

I would LOVE to pre-order a bottle, but when I try to select shipping to United States, it says no shipping options are available, and the place order button disappears.


I was just making an adjustment to the shipping setup, give it another try and it should work. If not, send me an email at dso(at)artofdrink.com


Just received my two bottles of Abbot’s. thank you Darcy! I’ll be tring then in a nice canonical Manhattan tonight!

Gregory Jenkins09/07/2013

Just received my two bottles.  Enjoying a manhattan as we speak.  Cheers!

Liz Lynch11/07/2013

I just got my Abbott’s. Manhattans for cocktail hour tonight! Thank you again for resurrecting a bitters classic!

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