Art of Drink
Hey look, that bar near the beach is still for sale.
More Beach
The Beach
First “Almost Ready” Tomato of 2014
A Happy Beehive
Mill Street’s New Organic Dark Lager
The VanHagar Cocktail
Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum
In Praise of Rum
Crusade Against Pretty Barmaids
Abbott’s Bitters Aged for One Year
Cocktails in Bottles (The Philadelphia Inquirer 1889)
Akvavit Mojito?
The Cosmopolitan (Telluride, Colorado circa 1910)
Central City Saloon (1875)
Little Chicks
I tend to cook much more in the winter.
Friday Beer: Orval, a Trappist ale from Belgium.
New liquor cabinet addition: Poli Airone Rosso Aperitivo

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