No discussion on cocktails is complete without discussing the Singapore Sling. The history of the Singapore Sling was thoroughly documented by Mr. Ted “Dr. Cocktail” Haigh in the Journal of Mixology (a book in which I also contributed an article). However, this post is going to deal with flavour and why the Singapore Sling is a great example of a

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What is Triple Sec? Triple Sec is an orange flavoured liqueur produced from the bitter peel of the Laraha orange. The Laraha is the Valencia orange which was transplanted to Curaçao, but because of the soil and climate condition the orange developed into an inedible fruit due to the bitterness. The peel of the Seville orange is also used in the

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What is simple syrup? As the name states, simple syrup is pretty simple. However, it is a crucial part of cocktails and without a standard syrup, many cocktails can become cloyingly sweet or unbalanced. In the Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail, I wrote an in-depth article on how to make a simple syrup and some background information on

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The Internet is quickly becoming the place for highbrow cocktail culture. As a group discussions on the use of rare ingredients, which most bartenders have never heard of, or the nuances of a cocktail created in 1933 is not uncommon and may be the norm. So, very rarely are discussions of basic drinks brought up. Part of the goal of

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The online version of Jerry Thomas’ bartender guide is being updated and will be online soon. Thanks for your patience.

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