Raw Milk

Since this is a site dedicated to all things drink related, and milk is a delicious drink, I should probably tackle the debate over raw milk. This is an interesting topic because it encompasses science, politics, health and flavour and I have become increasingly interested with the future of food, hence my Yokel side project. But let's talk about milk.

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Intoxication Season at London's Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, is where you can get legally high. via @newscientist
My daughter is feeding me buttered crackers with raisins. Can't say I'm a fan, though I smile and say delicious. #fatherhood
.@AdamsBitters @ellestad @mdoudoroff I'm really going to have to do my Abbott's presentation to fill in the gaps in the conversation :)
Anatomy of a Drink: Labu Kelapa Pouring Ribbons's New Cocktail via @PouringRibbons
@DoctorBamboo you are correct, but I still like Rush
Rush: Beyond the Light Stage is a great documentary if you like music.
I have about 150 lbs of honey from two hives, I think mead and metheglin need to enter the equation. #beekeeping