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Centaur Cocktail

by on February 2011

This drink is basically a french Mojito. It uses cognac / brandy and ginger ale, instead of rum and soda. The drink is just as refreshing as a Mojito, but is a little more complex, so there are more flavours to think about and enjoy. When a Mojito doesn't suit your tastes, try a Centaur Cocktail.

The name, Centaur, comes from the brand identity for Remy Martin, which is obviously the mythical centaur. The history of this drink is unknow, but I beleive it is a relatively new concoction, created by the Remy Martin company. The only other reference to this drink is on their website and in a bartending trade magazine.

Centaur Cocktail RecipeWhen I tried this cocktail, it was instantly added to my favorite's list. Ginger ale goes great with most spirits and a "rye and ginger" is a common drink in these parts. So why not a brandy and ginger? The addition of lime, sugar and mint allow the drink to maintain its character. In some references to this drink it calls for Angostura bitters, and in the other recipe it doesn't, so I guess it's optional based on tastes. I beleive the drink would go better with orange bitters, but I still need to get a bottle.

For variety I like to use Metaxa (a greek brandy) instead of cognac. Metaxa adds more interesting flavour profile because of the herbs added to Metaxa. Otherwise, any brandy will do. Who knows, maybe this drink will climb the list of classic cocktails someday, I think it should.

Notes: Metaxa is produced from Savatiano, Sultanina and Black Corinth grapes, twice distilled, married with aged muscat wine, blended with a secret botanical mix and then aged in hand made limousine oak casks.

If you like this cocktail, you'll probably like the Classic Mojito as well.