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Johnnie Walker Blue Label

This is one of those spirits that either gets rave reviews or boos and hisses. Some people think that the price point of Blue Label is a ripoff, while others see that it represents something more than just the liquid in the bottle. It is true that Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a blended scotch, which automatically nix’s this spirit […]



When you think of Greek spirits the first thing comes to mind is Ouzo, the anise flavour liqueur. If you’ve tried Greek wine (Retsina) you might have liked it, or maybe not. Some of the wines use a pine resin to seal the barrels leaving a unique flavour that is what people remember about these wines. These wines are not […]



Hpnotiq is one of those modern liqueurs that graces the shelves of trendy bars around the world. It has an alluring, hypnotic blue colour, and a sleek and sexy bottle. It has a unique brand name, and spelling, that hits the mark with younger drinkers. It also has the price tag to match. It is often enjoyed by those who […]

Cuba Libre (Rum & Coke) Highball

Rum and Coke Taste Test

As simple as a rum and coke is, this drink can be vastly improved by using different rums. The best rum is a matter of personal choice, but here are a few suggestions.

A bottle of Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal

A series of Canadian whisky reviews should start with the royalty of Canadian whisky, Crown Royal, and one of the standards by which all other Canadian whiskies should be judged, only because it has been around for 80 years and is still immensely popular. Almost everyone who drinks whisky has heard, tasted or observed Crown Royal sitting on the back […]