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Hussar Sour

Bullets and grenades was what I was thinking when I whipped up this cocktail. As samples arrive on my desk, they sometimes gather into little groups. The Bulleit Bourbon and Zwack bitters were hanging out, which looked like they were plotting a coup or something. For those in the dark, Zwack is a Hungarian company that makes a range of bitters and sells them in bottles that resemble an M67 hand grenade. The Bulleit should speak […]

Sour Mix

Sour Mix Recipe for Cocktails

The idea of a sour mix is simply one of the efficiencies in a fast-paced work environment, such as a bar or a big party. By premixing simple syrup and freshly squeezed citrus juice, and then bottling the mixture, you can avoid doing this repetitively for each drink. For most people, making sour mix is not something they need to do unless they drink a lot, or they have people coming over for a party. […]