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Chocolate Syrup Recipe
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How to Make Chocolate Syrup with Cocoa Powder

Do you want to make the best chocolate syrup? Good, I have a simple, all-natural, one-ingredient trick that will improve the flavour and mixability of the syrup, and it was invented by the makers of Bosco Milk Amplifier back in 1928. The method is still used today by many chocolate syrup manufacturers.  And if you are into brewing or distilling, […]

How to make Moxie Soda
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How to Make Moxie Soda

Moxie is the official state drink of Maine and is said to be a somewhat acquired taste. Still, for most modern bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts the bitterness of the drink is pleasant and makes for a more interesting soda. If you like Negroni’s, amari, shots of Fernet or dashing cocktail bitters into your drinks, you’ll like Moxie. Moxie was originally […]

Clear Flavour Essence for Soda Syrups and cocktails
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How to Make a Flavour Essence

Making flavoured syrups for sodas and cocktails is relatively simple, but if you want to make complex flavours, in a clear syrup, there are a few extra steps that need to be followed. The pharmacists at soda fountains in the 1800s pioneered these methods and they are perfect for making homemade soda. They are simple, require only a few ingredients, […]

Soda vs Pop
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Soda vs Pop

Is it Pop or Soda? The answer is more of a “Why the difference?” and yes there is a difference and most people get this wrong. Watch the video below and it will explain why we use multiple words for the same product, including the southern usage of the word “coke” to describe carbonated beverages. The key reason that […]

How to make cinnamon syrup for cocktails
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Cinnamon Syrup

The best way to make a cinnamon syrup is to use stop using cinnamon sticks and do what the professionals at the soda fountain did, and that’s to use all-natural steam distilled cinnamon essential oil. It will be the best cinnamon syrup you’ve ever used and it works great in cocktails, tiki drinks, soda, and even on your pancakes. And it is […]

Art of Drink on YouTube
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Art of Drink on YouTube

Blogging has pretty much run its course, at least for me, though I still find Art of Drink a great place to publish some of my findings, like the post on Grenadine and I’ll still do that but it needs to be worthy of a post. The way forward though seems to be video because that is where the people are. So, […]

Grenadine Syrup Recipe
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What is Grenadine Made From?

What would you say if I told you the literal translation of grenadine from French didn’t mean pomegranate in the context of the sweet red syrup called grenadine? What would you think if I said modern grenadine is an over-simplified corruption of a once complex and interesting product? I’m sure you would be curious, so let’s break this down because […]

Introduction to Farm Food Feast
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New Project: Farm Food Feast

For many years I have flirted with the idea of developing another blog project or starting a YouTube channel; however, I didn’t want it to be Art of Drink where I substitute a different topic. About six years ago, I briefly started a blog called Yokel, which was about the things I was doing on the farm where I lived. […]

Abbott's Bitter Label

Abbott’s Bitter Recipe

Back in 2009, I stumbled upon a bitters recipe with two Abbott signatories on the document. Since Abbott’s was one of the most popular bitters before prohibition, it required further investigation. And that led me to present all this research at Tales of the Cocktail 2016. And now here it is for you. My original goal was to recreate the bitters […]

Maple Phosphate
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Maple Phosphate

Every year as winter cedes into the past, the maple tree sap starts to run. A time-honoured tradition in the north is to tap a spile into these maples and siphon off a few buckets of sap, then boil it down into a syrupy brown liquid and drizzle it on everything. That is the taste of spring. Since I’m in […]

Hawaiian Beach Tiki
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Before There Was Tiki

What if I told you that there was a tiki style drinking establishment before tiki bars even existed? What if I told you it existed in 1917, 16 years before Don Beach opened Don the Beachcombers. In this case it wasn’t a bar but a soda fountain doing “Hawaiian Week” in March 1917. Effectively it was a soda fountain tiki […]