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A bottle of Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal

A series of Canadian whisky reviews should start with the royalty of Canadian whisky, Crown Royal, and one of the standards by which all other Canadian whiskies should be judged, only because it has been around for 80 years and is still immensely popular. Almost everyone who drinks whisky has heard, tasted or observed Crown Royal sitting on the back […]

Manhattan Cocktail Rocks Glass

Manhattan Cocktail

The Manhattan is still widely regarded as one of the greatest cocktails ever created. Personally, a well made Manhattan is a cocktail I truly enjoy. It’s perfectly in balance, simple and I can drink this cocktail anywhere and not feel out of place. It’s as strong as a properly made Martini, but it started out differently. The Martini is based […]


Manhattan Cocktail Redux

Recently I’ve been musing about the Manhattan Cocktail and with Woodford Reserve and Esquire Magazine launching the “Craft the Ultimate Manhattan” contest, it has given me an opportunity to put my thoughts to pixels. Why? Because the recent trend in Manhattans has been to make it the most flavourful drink it can be. Flavour is great, but balance is import […]