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Working Bartender Advice

Advice for New Bartenders

The number one email question I get is “what should a new bartender know before they start their first shift?” or “what should a new bartender do to becomes successful?”. So instead of answering each question independently, I figured I could put together a good summary post that will get the basics out of the way. This is also a […]


How to Name a Cocktail

Mixing ingredients together is easy, but when you get that magical combination you need a catchy name to tell the world how great it is, but sometimes a unique name can be the hardest part of the cocktail.


Top Skill to Have as a Bartender

sk any bar manager what’s the most important skill for a bartender and you’ll get a lot of different answers. Some will respond that speed is critical; others will say a good personality, more will say appearance is important, and then you’ll get one or two who say mixology skills are essential. There are a lot of things that make […]