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Few people know the difference between these two drink because they both contain gin, lemon and soda water. Some people throw the Gin Rickey into the equation to make things even more confusing. Just for the record, Gin Rickey’s use lime in place of lemon and sugar is optional. The Tom Collins and Gin Fizz are both good refreshing drinks

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Angostura Phosphate Recipe

Even though phosphates were closely associated with the soda fountain, the ingredient acid phosphate did crossover to the saloon and made it into a number of cocktail books. The one cocktail that often shows up in these guides is the Angostura Phosphate. This drink was a pick-me-up used to cure hangovers, settle the stomach and clear the head. Many of

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Sour Mix

  The idea of a sour mix is simply one of the efficiencies in a fast paced work environment, such as a bar or a big party. By premixing simple syrup and fresh squeezed citrus juice, and then bottling the mixture, you can avoid doing this repetitively for each drink. For most people, making sour mix is not something they

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