eMail Updates

As I work on reviving Art of Drink in 2019, I've been updating older articles and adding new information from things I find while researching other topics. Usually, all these updates go unnoticed, except by the people who stumble across these update posts. That seems like a waste, so to get the word out I've decided to send out a weekly email (sometimes less) detailing new and updated posts as well as other things, like cool resources. Consider it a reminder as well as a changelog.

I've also begun posting short write-ups on popular drinks, for example, the Jack & Coke is a simple drink so why would I write about that? To grow the cocktail industry we need to attract new people to the club. One way to do that is to write about simple drinks, then give those readers the option to read about a related drink, like the Rum & Coke, then introduce them to quality rums and direct them to try a Mai Tai cocktail. Then they are hooked. There are some gems found in these posts that regular readers might be interested in.

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