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Summer Beverages for the Thirsty of Gotham (1884)

Before I began my long hiatus on Art of Drink, I had accumulated hundreds of old newspaper articles about drink and cocktails in the 1800s. My intentions were to write about and share/transcribe them, but cocktail blogging kind of died with Facebook taking over, and I never wanted to post stuff to Facebook, because that would be like working for free. Anyway, I may do a few more of these if people enjoy it, otherwise, […]

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Popular Cocktail Recipes

As the revitalization of the cocktail continues, it is often helpful to ascertain why certain cocktail recipes are popular. What makes the Margarita, Cosmopolitan and Strawberry Daiquiri the Queens of the cocktail world. This information can then be translated, by new order bartenders, into a method that will help the neophytes and phobic’s, indulge in something new and take them out of their “safe zone”. Once they’ve escaped the default cocktails, they may never go […]

The Dangers of using tobacco in cocktail tinctures

Tobacco in Cocktails

Cigars have a wonderful aroma and those aromatics seem like a great way to enhance the flavour of a cocktail, but be careful, the nicotine in the tobacco can be dangerous.

Information on the use of egg whites in cocktail recipes

Egg Whites and Cocktails

Raw eggs are all the rage these days if you are an avid fan of cocktails. In many classic cocktails, eggs were an important part of the recipe, providing unmatched texture and mouthfeel. Some of the best know cocktails that use eggs are flips, sours and eggnog. Without the egg, these drinks are a mere shell of the original recipe. But bringing back the raw egg, by convincing a bar or restaurant owner that the […]