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A recipe for a non-dairy sweetened cream syrup for use in cocktails and sodas

Cream Syrup

A genuine cream soda requires cream, but that is not an option for all diets. This recipe from the 1800s is a substitute cream syrup used at soda fountains and it is tasty.


Dark Caramel Syrup

One of the great things about mixology is the infinite number of ingredient to work with. One flavour that has been a favourite is caramel or burnt sugar. This ingredient provides a number of benefits to any cocktail, including colour, mouthfeel/texture and most importantly flavour! I have created a simple recipe that is great to use in cocktails. The key […]

What is Italian Soda? And what is the history behind it?

Italian Soda

Italain Soda is a modern take on the American soda, but with a shrewd attempt to remake it as an Italian invention.