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Monkey Gland

Oh yay, another post on the Monkey Gland is what a lot of people might be saying. Sure, it’s been a topic of interest among bloggers and the Cocktail Brain Trust™ for the past few years. Most reviews are glowing, kind of like Canadians over President Obama (circa 2009). Personally, I suspect a lot of people like the cocktail because […]


Corpse Reviver II

Well, after reading a number of articles on the Corpse Reviver II, on other mixology related sites, I decided to give it a try. Finding Lillet Blanc was the hardest part and required a trip 100 km east to get some. Luckily I have a family to visit in the area, so the trip wasn’t just for Lillet. I built […]


Johnnie Walker Swing

The house of Johnnie Walker has been a mainstay in the scotch market for many years. For good or bad, they have created whisky branding that is easy for the average consumer to identify and define the quality of the spirit in the bottle. Obviously, I’m talking about the Red, Black, Green, Gold and Blue labels. But there is more […]


Finding a Job as a Bartender

As many of you know, I’m currently not tending bar. This is the first time in about four years that I’ve had Friday and Saturday nights off, which is kind of nice, but I don’t know what to do with my weekends. Anyway, I’ve been browsing the “Want Ads” and there seems to be plenty of bartending jobs out there, […]


Top Skill to Have as a Bartender

sk any bar manager what’s the most important skill for a bartender and you’ll get a lot of different answers. Some will respond that speed is critical; others will say a good personality, more will say appearance is important, and then you’ll get one or two who say mixology skills are essential. There are a lot of things that make […]


Peach Blow

Digging up old cocktails—or in this case fizz recipes—has led me to this interestingly named drink called the Peach Blow. The article is from the May 2nd, 1909 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer. A reader asked for the recipe of the Peach Blow and the Lilac Fizz. The newspaper was happy to oblige. Over 100 years later, and right in […]


Moral Suasion

There are many great cocktails littered throughout history, like the Manhattan and the Daiquiri, but some of the greats are forgotten and should be remembered. The Moral Suasion is one of them.


Manhattan Cocktail Redux

Recently I’ve been musing about the Manhattan Cocktail and with Woodford Reserve and Esquire Magazine launching the “Craft the Ultimate Manhattan” contest, it has given me an opportunity to put my thoughts to pixels. Why? Because the recent trend in Manhattans has been to make it the most flavourful drink it can be. Flavour is great, but balance is import […]

Manhattan Cocktail Rocks Glass

Manhattan Cocktail

The Manhattan is still widely regarded as one of the greatest cocktails ever created. Personally, a well made Manhattan is a cocktail I truly enjoy. It’s perfectly in balance, simple and I can drink this cocktail anywhere and not feel out of place. It’s as strong as a properly made Martini, but it started out differently. The Martini is based […]

The history of the New York chocolate egg cream.

Egg Creams

The New York egg cream started its life at the soda fountain in the 1870s and contained both egg and cream, which is much different than today.


Copyright & Cocktails

The topic of protecting ones creative cocktail works has amped up lately. After Eben Freeman’s session on cocktails and intellectual property (which unfortunately I couldn’t attend due to a conflicting event) the conversation has started to polarize and two camps are forming – for protection and against protection. Articles have been written in The Atlantic, and I’m sure elsewhere, as […]


Champagne Smash

In the world of drinks, a smash is usually a drink that contains a spirit, mint, sugar and sometimes lemon or lime. The Mint Julep and Mojito are technically smashes. From this basic recipe, you can make a wide variety of drinks that encompass a corner of the cocktail world. The key component is obviously mint, but the name eventually […]