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How to make a Moscow Mule cocktail in a copper cup

Moscow Mule

If you want to blame one particular drink for the rapid growth of vodka, in North America, look no further than the Moscow Mule. It’s true that the Vodka Martini became the most popular vodka drink initially and spurred the premium vodka category, but it was the Moscow Mule that began the introduction of North Americans to vodka. Whether vodka […]


Vodka Tasting

For the past few days I’ve been working on a vodka study that I’m looking to publish in the next month or so. This vodka study is similar to the study involving malt and blended scotch identification, with a few modifications and additional analysis. First, the tasting involved 13 people, tasting six different vodkas, three times. There were a number […]


The Science of Vodka

The idea of the purest, cleanest vodka is one of the biggest marketing ploy’s going. Every company is advertising triple distilled, quadruple distilled, and so on, to give you the impression that the vodka is the best distillate possible. Some companies even make the gimmick go to six or seven times distilled! So what makes one vodka special and another […]


Killer Koolaid

Here’s a drink that is popular, but doesn’t get much recognition. Of course, there are a number of versions of this cocktail, some being nothing more than 151 proof rum and tropical fruit crystals, which will probably kill you. Aside from that “killer” version, the one I’m talking about is sometimes referred to as a Canadian Killer Koolaid, and is […]

Sex on the Beach Cocktail Recipe Ingredients

Sex on the Beach

What is a simple, pleasing, fruity cocktail? The Sex on the Beach fits that description. This is a simple, but effective, cocktail that seems to please the masses. This drink has many variations, but for the most part, the variations are related and use similar ingredients in the recipe. When properly made, the Sex on the Beach is a decent […]


Pimm’s Cup

In the northern hemisphere the hot day’s of summer are quickly approaching. With global warming giving the planet a fever, we need to stop creating greenhouse gases, but until that happens, a nice refreshing summer cocktail might help. One such cocktail is the Pimm’s Cup; a classic cocktail invented in England in 1840 by James Pimm as a health tonic. […]

Claret Cup Recipe

Claret Cup

At one point in time, Claret Punch was an immensely popular concoction. It was the punch of choice for parties and the drink most enjoyed by the British in the 1800’s. Today, if you sauntered into a North American bar and asked for a claret cup, you’d be hard pressed to find a bartender that could make it, let alone […]


Monkey Gland

Oh yay, another post on the Monkey Gland is what a lot of people might be saying. Sure, it’s been a topic of interest among bloggers and the Cocktail Brain Trust™ for the past few years. Most reviews are glowing, kind of like Canadians over President Obama (circa 2009). Personally, I suspect a lot of people like the cocktail because […]


Corpse Reviver II

Well, after reading a number of articles on the Corpse Reviver II, on other mixology related sites, I decided to give it a try. Finding Lillet Blanc was the hardest part and required a trip 100 km east to get some. Luckily I have a family to visit in the area, so the trip wasn’t just for Lillet. I built […]


Johnnie Walker Swing

The house of Johnnie Walker has been a mainstay in the scotch market for many years. For good or bad, they have created whisky branding that is easy for the average consumer to identify and define the quality of the spirit in the bottle. Obviously, I’m talking about the Red, Black, Green, Gold and Blue labels. But there is more […]


Finding a Job as a Bartender

As many of you know, I’m currently not tending bar. This is the first time in about four years that I’ve had Friday and Saturday nights off, which is kind of nice, but I don’t know what to do with my weekends. Anyway, I’ve been browsing the “Want Ads” and there seems to be plenty of bartending jobs out there, […]


Top Skill to Have as a Bartender

sk any bar manager what’s the most important skill for a bartender and you’ll get a lot of different answers. Some will respond that speed is critical; others will say a good personality, more will say appearance is important, and then you’ll get one or two who say mixology skills are essential. There are a lot of things that make […]