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Bar Tools & Equipment List: Part II

In the previous article on bartender tools, I looked at the equipment that you will use frequently. In this article, I’ll be looking at items that if you didn’t have, you would survive, but having them will make your life easier and your guests experience more pleasant. If you take bartending as a profession, then giving your customers the best experience possible is the goal. In return, your tips will increase and hopefully, those customers […]


Bar Tools and Equipment List

Behind the bar, you need a lot of bar tools and equipment, often more than you think, especially if you want to be perceived as a professional. Most bars will have the essential equipment, such as shakers and bottle openers, but depending on where you work, they may not provide all the things that make your job easier. Aside from the most common items (bottle opener, wine key, shaker), there is a whole list of […]


Crown Royal

To start my Canadian whisky review I figure I should start with the royalty of Canadian whisky, Crown Royal, and one of the standards by which I’ll judge other Canadian whiskies. Almost everyone who drinks whisky has heard, tasted or observed Crown Royal sitting on the back bar. Crown Royal was one of the first super premium spirits when it was created in 1939 for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth during a royal visit […]


Old Unopened Bottles of Whiskey

Ever wonder what the value of that old bottle of whisky you have in the basement is worth? Probably not as much as you hoped, but sometimes they are worth more than you imagined.


Bartenders Root Beer Recipe

When you work behind a bar you’ll get the occasional odd request. Sometimes it for some bizarre drink, other times it for an odd ingredient and then there is the request for items that usually are not stocked in a typical bar, like root beer. Most bars have a limited supply of non-alcoholic carbonated beverages and those are typically Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, Club Soda or their equivalent Pepsico products. So […]


Whisky Tasting

After the last two posts (Malt vs. Blend and Whisky vs Cognac) I think it would be good to tie up some loose ends and discuss some of the good comments that were posted. The one thing that these two simple research papers show is that tasting spirits, at least whisky and brandy are more difficult than we generally think. But I think this applies to most spirits, including rum, vodka and possibly gin. One […]


Distinguishing Between Malt and Blended Whisky

Part I Many people assume that they can tell the difference between two, seemingly different, spirits. But the question is whether they are being a “posers” or a skilled drinker. People who are involved in the scotch world often refer to someone who will only drink single malt whiskies, as “malt snobs”. Some people chose to be a malt snob for appearance reasons i.e. they seem to be sophisticated and knowledgeable. But are they really […]


Ability to Distinguish Whisky from Brandy

This is the second part of a write up on a persons ability to distinguish one spirit from another. Part one was Malt vs Blended whisky and this part is brandy vs whiskey. In the first research paper, it was concluded that an inexperienced whisky drinker could not distinguish between a single malt or blended scotch. Also, experienced whisky drinkers have a difficult time distinguishing the two types of scotch in a blind test. The […]


Vodka Tasting

For the past few days I’ve been working on a vodka study that I’m looking to publish in the next month or so. This vodka study is similar to the study involving malt and blended scotch identification, with a few modifications and additional analysis. First, the tasting involved 13 people, tasting six different vodkas, three times. There were a number of different vodkas based on price and starting material. The participants answered three questions; was […]


The Science of Vodka

The idea of the purest, cleanest vodka is one of the biggest marketing ploy’s going. Every company is advertising triple distilled, quadruple distilled, and so on, to give you the impression that the vodka is the best distillate possible. Some companies even make the gimmick go to six or seven times distilled! So what makes one vodka special and another one not so special? What would be the best way to make an ultra-elite vodka? […]