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@diffordsguide Acid Phosphate isn't an enzyme, that is "acid phosphatase" a completely different animal.
@dawinship we are very similar in the gun control, public healthcare and liberal policies. Oh, sorry, that's New Zealand, not America.
@philipduff I'm going to mail you some, email me your address
Farewell New Orleans, it has been a blast as usual. MSY > DTW
@philipduff won't be at pig and punch but I can leave the bottle at Monteleone desk
@anguswinchester fear not, the bitters just get better with age.
@anguswinchester @philipduff I have a bottle of Abbott's for both of you.

Fix the Pumps

by on December 2010

Fix the Pumps tells the real history of the soda fountain, starting with its invention, through its golden era of creativity and into its dependance on patent medicine and narcotics. The history of the soda fountain is as vibrant as any other period in American history.

Fix the Pumps provides a wealth of information on techniques employed by soda jerks. The recipes span the spectrum of simple favours, like lemon and cherry, to the complex with ingredient like aromatic elixir and acid phosphate. The creativity of soda fountains was easily on par with the cocktail. This information is invaluable to anyone who likes to make drinks and especially valuable to bartenders who want to make the profession all encompassing.

“Read it not just for those revelatory recipes, but for its provocative take on their cultural, economic, and medical impact on generations gone by. You’ll never think of soda fountains as wholesome Happy Days nostalgia again.” Jeff “Beachbum” Berry author of Sippin’ Safari

“These wonderful palaces of fizz are no longer with us, but reading Darcy's new book will fill your head with historical info, fun facts, and images detailing what a visit to one of these bygone watering holes would have entailed. Time travel never tasted so good.” Craig “Dr. Bamboo” Mrusek

Buy the book: Fix the Pumps