Introduction to Farm Food Feast

New Project: Farm Food Feast

For many years I have flirted with the idea of developing another blog project or starting a YouTube channel; however, I didn’t want it to be Art of Drink where I substitute a different topic. About six years ago, I briefly started a blog called Yokel, which was about the things I was doing on the farm where I lived. It didn’t last long because it was too hard to capture all the details. But now I have found the perfect idea: Farm Food Feast, a YouTube channel.

The premise of Farm Food Feast is simple: can I make a world-class, 12-course meal from only the food grown within the boundaries of the 12 acres I live. And when I say world-class, I mean Michelin star level. And when we say food, I mean everything from growing the fruits and vegetables, pressing the oil, fermenting the vinegar, foraging the mushrooms and making beer, perry and wine, developing the recipes and making the menu. I might even make the plates and bowls using trees from the property. It’s harder than you think.

We live in a world where a simple salad can be composed of ingredients that have travelled 35,000 km to get to your plate—lettuce from California, tomatoes from Mexico, herbs from France, olive oil from Greece and balsamic vinegar from Italy. Let’s not talk about the main course! Is this truly sustainable? Is it even necessary? To answer that question, let’s see whether hyper-local food production can compete against a world of ingredients.

A difficult challenge is exciting content, and I suspect this will test every skill I have, but I suspect that I will need to call upon some professionals to help me out.

Beyond the challenge, there is a unifying element to this project, in the sense that most gardening channels talk about gardening and most cooking channels just giving passing lipservice to the food they use. I like the idea of seeing how every item on a menu got to the plate. It’s not just farm-to-plate; it is from seed to shi… Okay, that was a failed channel name, along with Fowl, Weeds & Dirt. You get the idea, let’s document what it takes to make a world-class meal from a single property.

I’ve succeeded at blogging, writing a book, so let’s see how I do at YouTube and video making. The first video took 9 takes, the second one 4 takes, so I’m getting better. It will take me a few more videos to get my “one-man production and talent” show up to speed, but it will get there.

If you like gardening, cooking and challenges, this channel is for you! And if you’ve read Art of Drink, you know drinks will be a crucial part of this project.

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