Art of Drink on YouTube

Art of Drink on YouTube

Blogging has pretty much run its course, at least for me, though I still find Art of Drink a great place to publish some of my findings, like the post on Grenadine and I’ll still do that but it needs to be worthy of a post. The way forward though seems to be video because that is where the people are. So, I’ve started to add content to the @ArtofDrink YouTube channel to see where it goes and of course I’d like you to join me.

One thing I miss about my early years of blogging on Art of Drink (2005 to 2010) was the community, it was fun, we were building something. However, times change but I still have a ton of material and research that I never published, like the complete story of Abbott’s Bitters, though I still want to get it out there and YouTube seems to be the place where most people want to see it. It also seems to be a good place to publish some of the presentations I’ve done over the years (Drinks from the 1600s, Buzz Management, New Orleans Soda and Umami in Cocktails, amongst others). Many of those presentations were interesting “one-offs” that I probably will never present in person again, but they are still informative and interesting. I’ve already done the work so I might as well get them into the public domain. 

There is also a wealth of soda fountain material that hasn’t been looked at, and with a growing trend for low-alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks, the pre-prohibition soda fountain materials and methods are a great place to draw inspiration from. For example, Champagne Syrup was a wine-based syrup that started to become popular at soda fountains, but prohibition stopped it in its tracks.

I’ve already posted a few videos, content that works with articles already published on Art of Drink. Consider them “training” videos, being in-front of a camera with no audience can be a bit weird at first. Being a good videographer is tough (cameras, lighting, audio, setting and editing) and then there is the YouTube algorithm, there is no point in publishing videos if they don’t get watched. Making interesting content that people want to watch, it’s significantly more effort than writing. And trust me, I care about quality, so one of the barriers to this has been making good content that is visually appealing.

If you want to see a specific topic or one of my previous presentations let me know and I’ll see if I get it done.

Most importantly, if you made it this far, hop over to the @ArtofDrink channel and check it out. Subscribing or liking a video helps a lot as that feeds the YouTube algorithm which helps the channel grow. The more growth it gets, the more effort I will put into it.

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