Riga Balsam

A Latvian specialty bitter / liqueur. It is considered to be a good cold remedy and is used to treat digestive problems.

Riga Balsam Recipe:

Oil of Mustard Seed
1 tsp
Oil of Thyme, red
2 oz
Oil of Marjoram
1 oz
Oil of Lovage
2 oz
Lemon Oil
2 oz
Oil of Elecampane
8 oz
Saffron Tincture
2 oz


Take 1 ounce of the oil mixture and dilute with 1 pint of 57% alcohol. Take one ounce of the oil alcohol mixture and add that to 3 pints of 69% alcohol, 2 pints of 60% simple syrup and 4 pints of water. If needed, add caramel colouring as this bitter should be dark brown or yellow in colour.