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If you’ve found an old bottle of whisky, rum, cognac or wine in a dank old basement, it might be worth something. Below is a list of sites that might be interested brokering the sale of the product or offering an appraisal. If you want background information on whether the bottle is safe to drink or what happens in the bottle as it ages, you can find that information here:  Old Unopened Bottles of Whisky and Other Spirits

Important Notes!

1. You will need to provide a clear photograph of the product to these sites if you want to get their attention. Don’t waste their time otherwise.

2. If the bottle has been opened an partially consumed, it’s not worth anything.

3. Blended whiskies like Crown Royal, Seagrams VO and Jack Daniels are not worth much, if anything – even if they are really old.

4. The only Canadian whiskies that may have value are pre World War II stuff and possibly some old (1950s) products that are no longer produced.

Finest and Rarest

Their mission at Finest and Rarest, is to bring you the rarest, most fascinating spirits and some of the most legendary wines from the archives of history.

Whisky Auction

A site dedicated to auctioning off spirits, mostly whisky but some rare and unique bottles may be considered. Searching through the current auctions will also give you an idea of what your whisky might be worth.


Bonhams whisky department specializes in auctioning old, rare, collectable and antique whisky. Four whisky auctions are held during the year at our premises in Edinburgh.

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