The Seven Year Itch

Ever hear of the seven-year itch? It’s a term that suggests happiness in a relationship declines around year seven of a marriage. I think that term applies to more things than relationships, like jobs and writing. Many writers pen articles on multiple topics and I’ve decided to do the same to keep life interesting. I’m still going to write about drinks, but I’m now adding a side project.

Back in October 2012 I wrote that Cocktail Blogging is Dead and I started writing about cocktails seven years prior, in October 2005. Coincidence? Probably not.

As a writer, when readership drops it tells me the topic is waning or that it has become so diluted by the plethora of drink content on the Internet that you have to fight for position, for example overselling the title of your article. You know, like “This Happened and What Happens Next Will Shock You!”. Those titles work, but so many of them under deliver that I refuse to click them. Those titles are simply a way to get page views on a website which increases the sites advertising revenue, they are not a reflection on the quality of the content. I hold myself to a higher standard, though a smaller wallet, so the only time you will see those types of titles is when something truly fits. To date, I haven’t suckered anyone in with one of those titles.

I’m still married to drinks and there are no plan to stop writing about them, but it’s time to expand my voice with a secondary topic. So who is my writing mistress you ask? Well, her name is Yokel and she’s a farm girl.

Don’t look so surprised, writing about where food comes from, and the future of food isn’t that different from writing about drinks. In fact, it falls into the “Food and Drink” category where I already write. I know for a fact that many of you openly discuss food. Yes, I creep you on Facebook and Twitter.

Food is a very interesting topic and writing about farming, GMOs, organic produce and pesticides can put my science background to good use. And I’m sure some of the information will work it’s way into Art of Drink, like the post on the Honey Phosphate.

If you like my writing on Art of Drink, you will enjoy my writing on Yokel. Go check it out.