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Best International Bar Nomination: VCC

t is that time of year when Tales of the Cocktail requests nominations for the best bars and bartenders from around the world. This year I will enthusiastically tip my hat to the Vintage Cocktail Club in Dublin Ireland. So why I am so enthusiastic about VCC? Well, read on and find out. In February 2015, my girlfriend and I […]


Filby Cocktail

I’m not sure who decides these things, but today (June 11th) is World Gin Day. So what does one do on a day that celebrates gin? I’d hazard a guess that we’d enjoy a gin cocktail. The obvious choices are the Negroni or Martini, but may I suggest The Filby? Yes, I’ve written about this cocktail before, but that was […]


Last Call for Abbott’s Bitters

The barrel is dry and the last of the Extinct Abbott’s bitters have been bottled. That means there are only 300 bottles left and once they are gone, that will probably be the end. Have no doubt they are a great tasting bitter and the research does point to this being the original Abbott’s recipe. However, these bitters are not […]


Taggart’s Bitters

A recipe created by Chuck Taggart that was inspired by the flavour of old bottles of Abbott’s Bitters. Taggart’s Bitters Recipe: Gentian Root 1 tbls Cinchona Bark ½ tsp Quassia Bark 2 tsp Ginger Root 1 tbls Cardamom Seed, whole 2 tsp Cardamom Seed, crushed 2 tsp Cinnamon Bark 1½ tbls Cloves 2½ tbls Allspice 2 tsp Nutmeg ½ tsp […]

A brief history of how the soda fountain came to be.

History of the Soda Fountain

Naturally carbonated waters, from volcanic springs, were well known throughout history and prized for their unique properties. The effervescing nature of the water was an attractive quality and was thought to be a natural tonic. The problem was that capturing and transporting these mineral waters was costly. Only a few places stocked mineral waters, with pharmacies being the most common. […]

How to make OpenCola

Open Cola Recipe

The Open Cola project started as a way to promote software but quickly took on a life of its own. This open-source recipe lets you make a Coca-Cola-like soda.


Coca-Cola’s Recipe

A few years ago I wrote a piece on the Secret of Cola and the ingredients used to make cola flavoured beverages. Obviously, Coca-Cola is the king, but Pepsi isn’t doing too bad. The fact is cola flavoured products are tremendously popular, but very few people know what makes that flavour so unique. I’m not going to rehash that part; […]