Scotch & Soda

The Scotch and Soda is a very popular drink for those neophyte imbibers who appreciate the flavour of Scotch, but don’t enjoy it enough to drink it neat or on the rocks. Obviously, you can use any type of Scotch you would like, but for most people, a blended type like Johnnie Walker Red or Black and Famous Grouse do just fine.

This drink is also a great way to ease a person to the world of scotch whisky.

Scotch and Soda

1½ oz Scotch (Blended)
3 oz Club Soda

Add the Scotch to a highball glass packed with ice.
Top with club soda.

Typically most servers will add a lime wedge to the Scotch and Soda, but I don’t recommend it. People who enjoy Scotch are horrified by citrus fruits in their whisky.

A similar drink is the Rye and Ginger

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