Schenley OFC Whisky

Schenley OFCSchenley OFC was first made in 1955 at the Schenley distillery in Valleyfield, Quebec. According to the manufacturer/distributor, Schenley OFC is the most decorated Canadian whisky. It has won 25 Gold Medals for product excellence in 27 Monde Selection competitions. In Canada, Schenley OFC is an 8-year-old whisky, where as in the US it is a 6-year-old whisky, so taste profiles may vary between the two. Originally, like many Canadian whiskies, it was bottled at a higher proof (86.6) but now it is bottled at the standard 80 proof. Currently, Schenley OFC sells about 75,000 cases per year.

Schenley OFC Review

Appearance: Golden. Very similar in colour to Crown Royal with the Schenley OFC being slightly lighter.

Nose: The nose is very smooth with a sweet aroma. A little bit of vanilla, corn and oak.

Palate; Smooth with a soft start. Mid palate has some spiciness and is fairly dry. Finishes with oak and a bit of rye.

With Water:

Schenley OFC opens ups with a small amount of water. The nose is more prominent and aromas of caramel and vanilla are more obvious. The whisky still retains it smooth start but the mid-palate really opens up with a nice spiciness. The oak is more apparent and the flavour is a little sweeter than when served neat. The finish smooths out, but still has a nice pleasant lingering of oak and maybe a little rye.


Not as sweet as the nose would indicate. This is a very smooth whisky and doesn’t have the sweetness of a standard Canadian whisky, nor does it have that characteristic butterscotch flavour. When compared to Crown Royal, Schenley OFC is smoother and doesn’t have the all-round flavour profile that Crown does. But, so far, Schenely OFC is closest in flavour to Crown Royal. If you want something a little lighter than Crown Royal, but still has a drier flavour with a little spiciness, the Schenley OFC is a good choice. Overall a pretty decent Canadian whisky.

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