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Schenley OFC Whisky

Schenley OFCSchenley OFC was first made in 1955 at the Schenley distillery in Valleyfield, Quebec. According to the manufacturer/distributor Schenley OFC is the most decorated Canadian whisky. It has won 25 Gold Medals for product excellence in 27 Monde Sélection competitions. In Canada Schenley OFC is an 8 year old whisky, where as in the US it is a 6 year old whisky, so taste profiles may vary between the two. Originally, like many Canadian whiskies, it was bottled at higher proof (86.6) but now it is bottled at the standard 80 proof. Currently, Schenley OFC sells about 75,000 cases per year.

Schenley OFC Review

Appearance: Golden. Very similar in colour to Crown Royal with the Schenley OFC being slightly lighter.

Nose: The nose is very smooth with a sweet aroma. A little bit of vanilla, corn and oak.

Palate; Smooth with a soft start. Mid palate has some spiciness and is fairly dry. Finishes with oak and a bit of rye.

With Water:

Schenley OFC opens ups with a small amount of water. The nose is more prominent and aromas of caramel and vanilla are more obvious. The whisky still retains it smooth start but the mid palate really opens up with a nice spiciness. The oak is more apparent and the flavour is a little sweeter than when served neat. The finish smooths out, but still has a nice pleasant lingering of oak and maybe a little rye.


Not as sweet as the nose would indicate. This is a very smooth whisky and doesn’t have the sweetness of a standard Canadian whisky, nor does it have that characteristic butterscotch flavour. When compared to Crown Royal, Schenley OFC is smoother and doesn’t have the all- round flavour profile that Crown does. But, so far, Schenely OFC is closest in flavour to Crown Royal. If you want something a little lighter than Crown Royal, but still has a drier flavour with a little spiciness, the Schenley OFC is a good choice. Overall a pretty decent Canadian whisky.

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