Silver Fizz with Gin and Lemon

Another month, another Mixology Monday. This round is all about Fizz and is being hosted by Gabriel over at Cocktailnerd, so go check it out and see what other fizzy drinks you can imbibe. This topic can be about anything that is fizzy which includes sparkling wine-based cocktails or plain old vodka soda’s. For this edition, I’m going to look at the Silver Fizz because it is one of the classic fizz drinks, but unlike a simple gin fizz, it incorporates an egg white.

The fizz is a common drink and comes in many variations. I’ve written about many of the most popular fizzy drinks, including the Ramos Gin FizzTrader Vic’s Rum Fizz, and the Gin Fizz. But the list is almost endless. Basically, you can take any spirit and make it a fizz. The only thing you need to do is take your base spirit (gin, whisky, vodka, apricot, or anything else) and mix it with soda water. But, most classic fizz drinks incorporate citrus (lemon/lime) and sugar. Then if you are feeling adventurous you can make it “silver” by adding an egg white, or you can make it golden by adding an egg yolk and then if you add the whole egg it is a Royal Fizz.

Silver Fizz

1½ oz Gin
1 oz Lemon Juice
1 tsp Sugar (simple syrup)
1 egg white
Top Soda Water

Instructions: In a cocktail shaker combine gin, lemon juice, sugar and egg white. Shake vigorously and then add ice. Shake again. Strain shaker into an ice-filled glass and fill with club soda.

Shaking the egg white with the other ingredients, before adding the ice, helps to emulsify the egg white better, making a more stable foam. What makes the Silver Fizz interesting is that it is substantially smoother than something like a Gin Fizz or Tom Collins. The egg white provides a subtle viscosity that makes the drink feel smooth as it flows across your tongue. It also takes the edge off the acid and alcohol. If people weren’t so dammed squeamish about raw egg whites this could very well be a popular drink and also a transition drink into other, more flavourful cocktails.

If you want to get fancy with this drink, you can make it with sparkling water (Perrier, San Pellegrino) and that will entitle you to call this long drink a Diamond Fizz.

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